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Patient Transport and the three Rs

Patient Transport Similar to our NHS counterparts, but as a private patient transport provider, we offer a variety of services and provisions. Therefore, we adhere to the same regulations and pride ourselves on our extremely high standards. Responsive When you call, we'll be here to help. Our control centre is operational 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. No, we don't take holidays! So, even if it's Christmas Day or Boxing Day, if you call, someone will be able to assist you.  Just like every other part of the healthcare industry doesn't close, neither do patient transport services. And RSG UK is no exception. If you call and need urgent help, someone will be here. We will be available for same-day emergency appointments and will provide immediate assistance and advice on a whole range of transportation, training and event medical requirements. Reactive We employ a variety of skilled staff and clinicians. Therefore, we can adapt quickly to changing markets and priorities (just think of the current pandemic!) We are able to offer a variety of care and transport services, from event cover to repatriation of patients taken ill abroad. We also deal with transfers, including from home to hospital or to an alternative service. At RSG we like to plan for any eventuality. Therefore, you can be assured that we have clear business continuity plans to ensure we deliver an excellent service in any situation. We are proud to say that, to date, Response Services Group UK have never had to cancel a booking. We make every effort to ensure your transport or event happens. Regulated In the same way as NHS ambulance services, we are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Therefore, we receive regular inspections and have to evidence that we are meeting the standards set by the CQC.