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Patient transport that's person-centred

Patient transport that's person-centred

As a patient transport service, just like any other healthcare provider, we strive to ensure we provide an excellent service. One that goes over and above any expectations. Therefore we set ourselves incredibly high standards and being person-centred is one of the ways that we achieve these standards.

What is person-centred care and why is it so important?

Person-centred care is a way of delivering a service, including patient transport. It sees clients as equal partners in planning, developing and monitoring care, to make sure it meets their needs. To deliver a high-quality service, involving clients in their care is absolutely essential. So this is why we keep person-centred care at the centre of everything we do.

How do we deliver Person-Centred Care?

'We are proud to offer a personal service, making every effort to get to know our patients and understand their needs'

For every client, we take into account their immediate needs and any potential risks of that individual. We then identify a service specification to meet their requirements. To ensure we deliver person-centred care throughout the journey, we individualise our service, to ensure that regardless of need, the right resource is there to cater to the client.

How do we manage resources to meet the client's needs?

We carefully consider the skill mix of our employees before we allocate a team. First, we review their skills and strengths,  then we look at the gender mix of the team and staffing numbers. Next, we consider the logistics of the service we will provide and the travel distance.

The Response Services Group is far more than just a patient transfer service. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do, and it is our responsibility that the care and treatment that the client has been receiving, is continued throughout the entire journey with us.