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Transport for transplant

Transport for Transplant - Nationwide

RSG UK is an accredited emergency transport service provider to NHS Blood & Transplant for National Organ Retrieval Service teams, unaccompanied Human Organs and Specialist Nurses for Organ Donation across the UK and Europe.

Swift and dependable transport

Providing reliable organ transport solutions for medical teams across the UK and Europe
Get urgently needed transplant patients, organs and surgical teams to where they are needed as quickly and safely as possible with our trusted service.
We are experts in Transport for Transplant solutions and an accredited provider to NHS Blood & Transplant. We extend these services to the NHS and private medical facilities across the UK and Western Europe, supporting transplant research with innovative and specific-to-role vehicles.

Transplants save lives

We are proud to represent and support the NHS in this service and consider ourselves honoured to be involved in supporting staff, patients, donors and their families within the donation and transplantation process.

Organs & Bloods:
  • All UK Transplant Units
Specialist Nurses:
  • All UK regions
National Organ Retrieval Service Teams (Cardiothoracic & Abdominal):
  • Golden Jubilee National Hospital (Glasgow)
  • Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh
  • University Hospital of Wales
  • Wythenshawe Hospital (Manchester)
  • St James's University Hospital (Leeds)
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Birmingham)
  • Royal Papworth Hospital (Cambridge)
  • Addenbrooke's Hospital (Cambridge)
  • Churchill Hospital (Oxford)
  • Harefield Hospital
  • Royal Free Hospital (London)
  • Foreign Teams (Europe)
Transplant Patients:
  • National
We    To Care our Patients !
RSG UK is the contracted provider to NHS Blood & Transplant for all emergency & non-emergency transport for:
  • Human Organs & Bloods
  • Specialist Nurses for Organ Donation (SN-OD)
  • National Organ Retrieval Service Teams (NORS)
  • Transplant Patients